Initial Medical Weight Loss Appointment


For patients who are either BRAND NEW to the Learn2Lose weight loss program OR who have not been actively monitored at Learn2Lose in over 3 years.


Your Initial Weight Loss Visit | Medical Weight Loss Clinics

  • We will review your personal health, family health, and diet history
  • Vital signs​ & Body composition analysis – weight, BMI, fat %, and basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Medical provider consultation including a brief physical exam
  • We will discuss any findings from your health and diet histories, your physical exam and EKG (if indicated).
  • Lab work (CMP, Lipid panel, Thyroid panel & CBC included). Additional tests available at very reasonable prices
  • EKG (if medically indicated)
  • Your medical provider will  describe your specific program and teach you what to do! You will learn about nutrition and the specifics of your weight loss program including the common treatments utilized in the program.
  • 3 additional weekly weigh-ins
  • Program materials
  • You will schedule a follow up appointment with your provider as well as weekly weigh-in visits, if desired (highly recommended).

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