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Learn2Lose Diet Pre-Planning Checklist

This diet pre-planning checklist can offer tips and suggestions for the most success with your weight loss program.

  • “Detox” or clean out your refrigerator, pantry and cupboards. Throw or give away any food and drink items that might be tempting.
  • Have a frank discussion with close friends and family members about what you are striving to achieve. Emphasize the health-related reasons for attaining your healthy weight and how it can have a positive impact on the entire family. Let your loved ones know how very important this is to you and that you really need their support.
  • If others in the house have favorite foods that they feel must stay, negotiate some terms of agreement. Perhaps they can choose a snack or treat that you don’t particularly don’t care for. Or, ask that they hide certain foods or take them to work. Make it clear that having sweets, snacks or other tempting foods in the house is going to make things harder for you to stay on course.
  • Review your social calendar. Take note of any upcoming events involving food and alcohol, such as parties, luncheons, birthdays, family reunions, and trips to the beach. Pre-plan strategies to stay on course and to minimize any negative impact on your weight loss* program.
  • Start thinking about how you will begin to work more exercise into your lifestyle. Make plans to walk or jog with a friend. Take the clothes hangers off the treadmill. Renew your gym membership. Sign up for that Zumba class you’ve been thinking about. Get a pedometer to start counting steps. What ever you choose to do for exercise, it is always better to pick an activity you enjoy so that it will become part of your daily routine.
  • Water, Water, Water! Think about how you will keep track of your daily requirement of 80 ounces per day. Some people find it helpful to purchase a BPA-free water jug of a known volume to help keep track. You might want to stock up on non-caloric water additives such as caffeine-free herbal tea and organic lemons for flavor.
  • Pick an object that personifies your reason for wanting to lose weight. This could be a photograph of yourself, a piece of clothing you want to fit into, you recent blood test results showing your cholesterol and triglyceride levels that need improvement, the pile of daily medications you currently take that you hope to eventually wean off of. Keep handy a written list of these symbols along with a written list of your goals.

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*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.