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Medical Weight Loss Charlotte NC

Medical weight loss or bariatric medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity and related conditions. Successful obesity treatment can lead to improved overall health and quality of life.

The Obesity Medicine Association defines obesity as ÔÇťa chronic, relapsing, multi-factorial, neuro-behavioral disease, wherein an increase in body fat promotes adipose tissue dysfunction and abnormal fat mass physical forces, resulting in adverse metabolic, bio-mechanical, and psycho-social health consequences.ÔÇŁ

What kinds of health problems are linked to overweight and obesity?

Carrying excess weight can increase your risk for many health problems. These may include:

As you can see, the importance of obesity treatment cannot be overstated.

What to Expect from Your Learn2Lose Weight Loss Program

Our medical professionals design a weight loss and obesity treatment program specific for each patient’s circumstances. Based on your symptoms, medical history and lab testing, we aim to treat any underlying problems related to your weight gain. In addition to prescription medications (if medically indicated) your program may also include a combination of the following weight loss treatment techniques: meal replacement products, appetite suppressant medications, and┬ámetabolic injections. At Learn2Lose, you will find the best weight loss programs around Matthews and Charlotte, NC!

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*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.