Hormone Imbalance, Triggers and Migraine Relief


Hormone levels fluctuate with age, and this can cause an array of problematic symptoms to develop. Migraines are one of these symptoms, and while women suffer from chronic migraines at a significantly higher rate than men, they can affect either gender. Antiaging therapy can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines by regulating hormone imbalance with treatments such as bioidentical hormone replacement, thus reducing the fluctuations that cause migraines to develop.

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Bolster Your Bones during Hormone Therapy


Though building your strength is an important part of staying healthy as you grow older, strong muscles will do no good without strong bones underneath them. Your bones are the framework for your entire body, the structure that supports every function, but we gradually start to lose bone density as we grow older. By focusing on habits that contribute to strong bones during hormone therapy in Waxhaw, Matthews or Charlotte, you can help yourself maintain a strong skeleton for years to come.

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