How to make your home the perfect place to lose weight in Charlotte

Bringing Weight Loss HomeThough your weight loss* center in Charlotte may be where your weight loss* journey started, it will not be the only place that plays a crucial role in your progress. Because our habits are strongly influenced by our environments, learning how to surround yourself with a healthy atmosphere can be a valuable strategy in losing weight.

You won’t be able to spend every moment of your program at our weight loss* center, and having healthy surroundings can help you stick with good habits long after your program has ended. Most of us spend a large fraction of our time at home, so this is the ideal place to start creating a healthy environment.

Clear your house of temptation.

Junk foods can sink even the most dedicated dieter. Though we may choose to avoid them most days, a moment of weakness may tempt us into indulging, and this can seriously impede weight loss* progress. Because these foods will do you no good, it’s up to you to rid yourself of them before they cause a problem.

Go through your fridge, your pantry and your cabinets. Get rid of anything and everything that may hamper your progress. Cookies, cakes, ice cream—foods like these are full of fat and empty calories and will not fit into the healthy lifestyle you’re working so hard to create.

If you live with others, they may not approve of you discarding their favorite treats, so be sure to talk to them before you perform this purge. Be kind and understanding, but tell them why keeping these foods away is so important to you. If they aren’t OK with ditching these goodies, ask them to please keep them somewhere out of your sight.

Make healthy choices easy.

After you’ve made some room by getting rid of the stuff your diet can do without, your kitchen may have a few holes to fill. You can make healthy eating much easier by keeping around only the things that mesh with your diet.

As the staff at your weight loss* center will tell you, diet is only a part of healthy weight loss*. To make the most of your program, you’ll need to exercise as well. Simplify this task by giving yourself an option to exercise at home. This can be used as a fallback when you feel unmotivated to take part in your regular routine, or it may become your go-to source for a good workout. You can create an at-home gym with simple exercise gear (barbells, yoga mats, exercise bikes, etc.) or keep some near your TV or computer for easy calorie burning during idle hours—any little bit helps!

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.