Controlling Emotional Eating


There are plenty of reasons why you might eat, other than hunger—you’re bored, stressed, anxious or angry and trying to find relief—but eating for those reasons is not only detrimental to any weight loss goals you may have, but it often leaves you feeling worse. After you’ve finished eating, the original emotional issue is still there, and on top of that, you may even feel guilt for overeating.

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Obesity Tied to Memory Loss


It’s no secret that obesity can lead to severe health problems. The physical effects of obesity have been well documented to include diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, and increased risk for stroke. But now researchers say that obesity may also affect your mental health.

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Eating Slower for Weight Loss


During medical weight loss, you’ll definitely pay more attention to the foods you eat. Along with initially evaluating your daily caloric intake and making adjustments to it, you’ll also make changes to where those calories are coming from. In support of your weight loss, reducing calories from snack foods, fried foods or sugary foods will help.

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Learning to Love Nutrients


Nutrients are the sustenance of all nourishment. They are essential for optimal health, growth and vitality. However, nutrients are not something your body can produce on its own. To thrive, you need to provide your body with certain levels of quality nutrients daily. The best way to do this is through your diet.

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Communicating your Weight Loss Goals


A strong support network can become a valuable resource during your medical weight loss program. A support network is often comprised of a group of friends, family members, co-workers and others who have had similar experiences to you. This is a place you can turn to for inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Sometimes, members of your support network will even have personal insight or an experience they can share to guide you past an obstacle.

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Laughing Your Way to Health and Weight Loss


Your health is nothing to laugh at, but according to many health experts it might be something worth laughing for. Laughter is a natural mood booster, but it can do a whole lot more than

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