3 Fat Burning Foods-Vegetables

If you are looking to burn fat, it will help if you can add some low-calorie, high-fiber, fat burning foods to your diet. These can help you feel full and keep you from eating too much throughout the course of the day. Vegetables are the ideal pick when it comes to nutritious foods that won’t add a lot of empty calories to your total. Here are three you can feel good about adding to your fat burning foods.

Fat Burning Foods / Vegetables

Carrots. These veggies are popular for a reason. The satisfying crunch and fiber help stave off hunger pangs while adding nutrients to the diet. Keep a baggie of these in the refrigerator, peeled and ready to munch. You can also get baby carrots, which require no extra preparation and are the perfect two-bite size.

Green beans. These versatile veggies can be added to soups to make them more filling without adding too many calories. They can be eaten alone as a snack or steamed and served as a side dish with your meal. Buy them fresh or frozen and keep on hand–they can be used in many ways. Get creative!

Celery. Another crunchy vegetable that can help you feel satisfied when hungry, celery is inexpensive and tasty. You can eat it plain or with a little bit of fat free dressing for a snack. Chop and top off your salad for more fiber, or bag and take with you to work to fight off those mid-morning hunger pangs.

Here’s a fun slide show outlining a variety of fat burning foods. Check out Learn2Lose for medical weight loss programs to help you reach your goals.

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.