Practical Portion ControlPortion control is a difficult concept to master. the size of portions given to us in restaurants has skewed our understanding of what a portion should look like. Often, only one third of what you are served at a restaurant is a portion. By giving a portion size a visual equivalent that you can easily remember, you can stay on track with your weight loss* program and count your calories appropriately.

Below is a handy list of size equivalents to help you out.

  • A serving the size of a matchbook is equal to one ounce.
  • A serving the size of a deck of cards is equal to three ounces. This is generally an acceptable portion size for your protein.
  • A three ounce serving of fish will be no larger or thicker than your checkbook.
  • A single portion serving of baked potato will be the size of a computer mouse.
  • A 1/2 cup serving of pasta will be about as large as a tennis ball.
  • A bagel should be no larger than a hockey puck.
  • One ounce of cream cheese will be as large as four dice.

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.