Relaxation TechniquesRelaxation techniques for weight loss are a crucial strategy for your journey to healthy weight. Stress is one of the many variables that made us gain weight in the first place. The ability to relax and de-stress is one of the most powerful tools we can use in getting the weight off and keeping it off.

While everyone has their own idea of what relaxation is, here are some general relaxation techniques for weight loss.

Relaxation Techniques for Weight Loss

Meditation: This can also be called zoning out. Meditation is the act of concentrating on nothing. Letting go of the thoughts and worries in your mind and being free.

Yoga: while it is an exercise, yoga can also be used as a tool to help you relax. Some of the less balance-focused floor stretches used in yoga are especially helpful.

Positive Visualization: Take your mind to a happy place by visualizing a vacation spot, secret hideaway or happy memory.

Listen to Music or Read: Listening to your favorite CD or reading a book or magazine can take your mind off your stresses and help you relax.

Spend Time with A Friend or Loved One: Spending time laughing with a friend or loved one can ease your mind.

Controlled Breathing: Check out the 48 seconds app in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Mindful Eating: Eating Slower for Weight Loss

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.