The First Steps to FitnessAt the start of a weight loss program, many people channel their efforts into following a healthier diet and finding ways to reduce calories. While this will help you get started with weight loss, there is another element to losing weight that you don’t want to overlook for long.

Exercise is a fundamental aspect of any healthy lifestyle. To maintain your weight loss* long-term, you’ll want to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle as much as possible.

The Beginners Guide to Working Out

If you are new to the world of exercise, the first thing you need to know is it is okay to start slow. Low-impact and low-intensity exercises can help you learn fitness techniques and build strength and endurance without putting you at risk for an injury.

These activities include:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Light weight-lifting

The American Heart Association recommends that every adult exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week. This is a healthy goal to work towards. When you first start exercising, a 10-minute workout might be enough to tire you. As you grow used to your workout and become more comfortable, push yourself to exercise longer.

Creating a Workout Schedule

Exercise can help you maintain your weight loss, so make it a priority in your life by giving it a schedule. Consider other factors in your life, such as your work schedule and family obligations. Where will exercise fit best into your current routine?

Here are several tips to help you create and keep a workout schedule:

  • Head to bed 30 minutes earlier so you can wake up feeling rested and ready to work out before going to work
  • Join a gym halfway between home and work so you can easily stop on your way home
  • Make plans to exercise with a buddy so you don’t skip your workout

When you make plans to workout, treat it as a priority. You wouldn’t skip a meeting at the office just to sit home on your sofa, so don’t skip a trip to the gym for a reason like that either.

A medical weight loss program can help you reach your weight loss* goals. Exercising every day and adopting other healthy habits can help you keep that weight off long-term. Before adding any new activity into your routine, check with Dr. Croland to make sure you are physically ready for the challenge.

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.