One day after I finished instructing my daughter’s Daisy Girl Scout meeting, my daughter gave me a gigantic hug to thank me for doing such a great job. As she reached her little arms around my waist, she took notice that she was unable to touch her hands together. Glancing up at me with her baby blue, puppy dog eyes, she said, “Mommy you are fat, you need to lose weight because I can’t squeeze you very hard.” At that moment, I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my life. Not only did I need to think about myself but also my future with my children.

I have tried many different diets in the past; all with different results. I needed a program that would help me achieve my weight-loss goals and keep me motivated. I spoke to my sister about it and she took it upon herself to research many programs and ended up buying me an initial visit from Learn2Lose as a Christmas present.

The day after Christmas I arrived at Learn2Lose for my first visit. The staff was very professional and friendly. They answered all my questions and gave me specific information to help me be successful as I began my journey to a new lifestyle. Following the Learn2Lose Program was very easy for me, and I felt as though they knew my body better than I did.

By following the Learn2Lose Program and committing to weekly weigh-in visits and monthly Provider visits, I was able to persistently lose weight each week. In the first month, I lost 17 pounds* and remained successful each subsequent month. The words of encouragement from associates and friends made me want to continue to further my results until I reached my goal weight. The

Learn2Lose staff has taught me many things. They have educated me on portion control, eating healthier foods, and how important exercise is. After nine short months, I have reached my goal weight losing 100 pounds*! Looking back, the process of changing my habits of over-eating, consuming the wrong types of foods, and not exercising was not an easy one, but I have maintained my loss and am currently on the Maintenance program. I did choose to come in weekly for weigh-in visits, but now I only see a Learn2Lose Provider every three months.

I am a completely different person now than I was nine months ago. I have more confidence, more energy, and overall I am healthier. I would like to thank the staff of Learn2Lose (and my sister) for helping me reach my weight-loss goals and become the “real me”. Vanessa

*Disclaimer: Medical weight loss programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient. Individual results vary.