Taking a vacation is a great way to reset your mind and nurture the effects of daily stress.  However, vacation time can be a challenging time for people on our medical weight loss programs. We want you to have fun, which includes eating some of your favorite foods. Here are some tips to avoid weight regain while enjoying your well deserved vacation.

How Learn2Lose Weight Loss Programs can help you stay successful on vacation.

  1. Start each day with protein! Always start your day with protein and healthy fats. Avoid high sugar foods and processed carbs for the first four to six hours of your day. This will help keep your insulin levels from spiking and avoid fat storage and hunger.
  2. Allow for some indulgences. Focusing too much on dieting while on vacation can lead to anger and feeling deprived. This can backfire and lead to overeating and potentially throw off your weight loss program, so don’t be worried about the occasional indulgence.  However, remember to plan your “cheats” and avoid excess sugar and caloric beverages.  Learn more here.
  3. Explore your dining out options. Whether you’re vacationing by yourself or with others, you will usually take in a few different dining experiences.  After all, some of the experience of vacation is trying new foods!  However, it can be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead.  Research some restaurants you’re interested in and look for the healthy options they carry.  Don’t be afraid to substitute veggies in place of fries! And if at all possible, skip the breads and rolls.
  4. Bring some meal replacements and hit the grocery store. Replacing a meal each day with our low-calorie, protein-rich meal replacements and snacks will help you save calories for later cheat meals you desire. Also, go to the local grocer when possible and buy some healthy foods to eat throughout your trip.  Dining out can be fun, but the calories can easily add up before you know it!  Using meal replacements and healthy grocery snacks can help save money and calories.
  5. Concentrate on activities, not food. Planning out your vacation is a great way to keep your food consumption on track.  A full course of fun can replace thoughts of food with memories and new experiences and keep you successful on your weight loss program, so do your research and look for fun ideas that get you active, like horseback riding, cycling, and canoeing.

Learn2Lose can help with your weight loss program!  Contact Learn2Lose to get started.