Eating more to weigh less…well it depends.

Our bodies need essential elements in order to survive. Having some fats and carbohydrates in your diet is fine; just be sure to keep the quantities in moderation.  However, too often Americans will eat too much of these which can lead to weight gain and other health problems.  A great way to increase your weight loss is eating more proteins and Learn2Lose can help with your medical weight loss.

But can eating more protein really help weight loss?  Yes, it can!  The body uses more calories to metabolize protein which is good news for your weight loss goals.  Foods rich in protein, like fish, nuts, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and oatmeal have been shown to keep you filling fuller longer, which can take your mind off of hunger & not thinking about your next trip to the pantry!

Adding protein is also essential in a weight loss program.  Most successful weight loss programs include at least 5 days of exercise each week.  During this time, you’ll need to rebuild your muscles to keep them healthy and strong and adding more protein to your diet is key here. Building lean muscles burn more calories throughout the day and increase your success at weight loss.

Skipping breakfast has been linked to weight gain, so consider adding a high protein breakfast to kick start your day and help your medical weight loss.  Studies show that a high protein breakfasts can lead to less overeating throughout the day and a more focused mind.  Look for ideas online to keep your breakfasts tasty and interesting!

But how do you know what your protein intake should be daily? A normal daily amount is 0.45-0.68 grams per one pound of weight.  That would be between 90-136 grams of protein per day for a 200-lb person, depending on your exercise level.  The higher amount depends on how much and what type of exercising you do.  Starting to sound tricky?  Don’t get overwhelmed!  Contact the consultants at Learn2Lose to find a medical weight loss program that focuses on the protein intake you need to be successful.