Carving Out Time for You


Living a healthy lifestyle takes time. No one is going to pretend that it is quicker to go home and cook a healthy meal than it is to stop at the drive thru. This is why eating on the go has become such a problem in the United States. We are busy people, and fattening fast foods are easier in a time crunch.

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Bringing Weight Loss Home


Though your weight loss center in Charlotte may be where your weight loss journey started, it will not be the only place that plays a crucial role in your progress. Because our habits are strongly influenced by our environments, learning how to surround yourself with a healthy atmosphere can be a valuable strategy in losing weight.

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Eating Slower for Weight Loss


During medical weight loss, you’ll definitely pay more attention to the foods you eat. Along with initially evaluating your daily caloric intake and making adjustments to it, you’ll also make changes to where those calories are coming from. In support of your weight loss, reducing calories from snack foods, fried foods or sugary foods will help.

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Creating an Exercise Schedule for Weight Loss


Throughout your weight loss journey you’ll be encouraged to make a number of changes to your lifestyle. From getting more sleep to choosing healthier foods more often, you’ll be encouraged to develop a number of habits that will support a healthy weight and way of life.

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Learning to Love Nutrients


Nutrients are the sustenance of all nourishment. They are essential for optimal health, growth and vitality. However, nutrients are not something your body can produce on its own. To thrive, you need to provide your body with certain levels of quality nutrients daily. The best way to do this is through your diet.

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Communicating your Weight Loss Goals


A strong support network can become a valuable resource during your medical weight loss program. A support network is often comprised of a group of friends, family members, co-workers and others who have had similar experiences to you. This is a place you can turn to for inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Sometimes, members of your support network will even have personal insight or an experience they can share to guide you past an obstacle.

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Holiday Survival Tips


Grab a health snack first! If you’re eating out, going shopping or going to a party, grab a healthy snack first, like a Learn2Lose protein bar. Why? Hunger is a slippery slope on which it’s really hard to balance. The scene is pretty familiar: you’re finished and you’re waiting for a meal at a restaurant; you’re at a party or shopping for food. What happens?

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The First Steps to Fitness


At the start of a weight loss program, many people channel their efforts into following a healthier diet and finding ways to reduce calories. While this will help you get started with weight loss, there is another element to losing weight that you don’t want to overlook for long.

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The Energy Bar and Weight Loss Conundrum


During your medical weight loss program, you’ll be encouraged to make changes to your diet and exercise habits. As you learn more about the nutrient values of foods, you’ll likely find it easier to make healthier choices and will start swapping out old favorite snacks for new, healthier options.

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Nutrition, your Health and Anti-Aging Therapy


Nutrients help your body thrive. They provide you with energy and encourage organ function, helping you to stay healthy. Your body relies on these nutrients to keep your health in an optimal state, and as time goes on your body relies on them even more to combat the effects of hormonal fluctuations and other aspects of aging that are common during menopause and andropause.

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